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Hi! My name is Soumil, Soumil Heble. Well, there’s a 007 reference for you. I’m a Computer Engineer by profession, as of 2020 I’m working as Silicon Design Engineer 2 at Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) in Boxborough, MA, USA. I work on supporting emulation efforts and verification of AMD’s flagship x86 Cores.

What’s this about?

This blog is about my personal experiences and projects in hobby electronics as well as sort of open-source silicon design, mostly ASIC/CPU design and verification.

deCryptronics is a word blend or portmanteau of decrypt and electronics as this blog also aim’s at making electronics easy for readers. The logo is a composition of the letters D and C which are the initials of the blog’s name. To be honest this logo was designed by me in 2014 and I’m not very good at Adobe Illustrator. I might have someone professional redo this logo later if I feel like it. Until then its a two-tone block.

My Failed Attempts at Blogging

Since 2014, I wanted to write a blog but with several failed attempts I finally came around to writing one. The first few blogs were abandoned because of Wordpress’s painful CMS and lack of customization that irked my perfectionism. The rise of static website generators like Jekyll makes it easy to create blogs and offer easy to understand working and customization. This blog is created using Jekyll using the minima theme. In a few hours, with some basic HTML and CSS experience, I was able to customize the theme to what you see now. I added a logo on the navbar, made it sticky so that when you scroll down the navbar is still visible, changed fonts, added personal images, and styled them as you can see above among other things.

Here’s a list of my failed attempts at blogging:

  1. Wordpress Personal Portfolio
  2. Electronstream
  3. deCryptronics on Wordpress